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Windows of Time: Andrea Nann

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Artist/Choreographer Statement from Andrea Nann

My work is process oriented so it is important to me to arrive in each community with a solid

conceptual framework. This framework becomes a structure to support the creative

materials; the substance that participants generate through the workshop experience.

With a strong framework the process can be meaningful and personal allowing unique and

diverse creative expressions to flow.

The concept of Windows of Time has been defined by our current global situation. The

window is a transparent barrier that has separated and protected us, trapped and restricted

us, isolated and contained us. It has kept us safe but also apart.

We have been communicating through windows in our homes and in digital spaces with our

loved ones and strangers.

We are also existing in window-frames of time, where windows of possibility for human

experiences and meaningful connections continue to widen and narrow, open and close.

The window also has a reflective nature and through this process we will be reflecting upon

who we are, where we are, and how we are doing as individuals and as members of a


Windows of Time is a metaphor for the many barriers we face.

It is my hope that in doing this work, and by exploring this metaphor we can begin to

transcend some barriers by opening a portal to reconnect us to one another, to ourselves

and to nature.

Artist/Choreographer Bio

Andrea Nann choreographs, performs, produces and presents dance to reach across distance, to experience herself and others in celebration of possibility, diversity, connection and belonging. She believes that dance can shift attitudes and ways of being, tuning us into what makes each of us distinct, to what we share, and ultimately how we can live together in wonderment and peace. As artistic director of Dreamwalker Dance Company Andrea creates works for the stage, film, and outdoor sites. She channels her community building passion into various participatory, collaborative multi-arts experiences. Dance has taken her around the globe and she remains forever grateful.

Photo by Drew Berry

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