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Innra with Cathy Harris

Innra comes from Olde English meaning (within).

For Cathy Harris, Innra is a collection of images that she has been compiling over the last 9 years. And, it is the inspiration for a new dance work.

Cathy will be performing an in process dance exploration in this weekend's collection of performances at Intimate ART 6. Her solo work is very personal and she is still formulating and experimenting with her ideas. "The movement ideas come from finding the balance Innra (within), taking it utan (outward) and thereby helping the balance Innra (within) nature

(Earth). The concepts for this piece are based on my personal journey inward through a conscious investigation that began 16 years ago. This journey was sparked by the imbalance of my movement on my left and right side."

Innra is pronounced---inn rah and Utan is pronounced---u din.

This dance exploration is ultimately an extension of a small grouping of her Innra stills. There are multiple interpretations depending on the perception of each view.

"If we are balanced within ourselves, we contribute to the balance of the collective."

Cathy Harris has been part of the dance community in Windsor for over 40 years. She started in 1980 as a dancer with Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises. The company performed full-length shows throughout Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, and Ohio. Independently, she enjoyed working with local artists to create performances in a multi disciplinary context. As a professional in the community, it led her to a career as a dance educator. From 1989-2020, she taught dance at the Windsor school boards, as well as the University of Windsor. Cathy continues to enjoy dance through classes, workshops, and performance.

intimate ART 6

Saturday September 30th

8:00 pm

Sunday October 1st

2:00 pm

HNM Dance

1641 Ouellete Ave

Windsor ON



By Donation

Enjoy a fantastic group of dedicated and enthusiastic contemporary dancers perform the dance works of Artistic Director Anh Nguyen and guests:

Louise Paquette

Cathy Harris

Barb Robinson

Michele Reis

Mary Jo Mullins



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