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February/March 2021 Organization Profile

Michigan’s Leading Contemporary Dance Company

Dance captures the essence of what it means to be human.

Mission: DDCdances is committed to the creation and production of high-quality dance, related arts, and educational programming that is accessible and affordable to all.

Beliefs: DDC strongly believes that Dance is a powerful means of communication that affects our artistic, intellectual, emotional, and physical lives, and has a profound ability to heighten human expression within and across cultures.

DDC (AKA Detroit Dance Collective), co-founded in 1980 by Sue Ellen Darr, Paula Kramer, Anita Surma and Barbara Selinger, the current artistic director and principal choreographer, is a professional contemporary dance company dedicated to creating Art That Matters. DDC’s important repertory addresses social, equality, and profound environmental issues. DDCdances creates powerful choreography and offers inclusive community programs that heighten human expression within and across cultures. Our life-affirming work voices the personal thoughts and feelings of our artists and our community and embraces the human condition. With respect, love and compassion, DDCdances will always make its collective voice heard. COMMUNITY IMPACT: DDC is a pioneer in contemporary dance, paving the way for other dance artists and companies by exposing audiences to innovative concerts, lecture demonstrations, classes, workshops and educational programs. The company has toured extensively throughout Michigan and nationally performing in theaters, schools, museums, galleries and outdoor spaces, and specializes in designing imaginative dance/arts projects that address the needs of specific communities.

Through its life affirming work, DDCdances continues to embrace and inspire diverse audiences throughout Michigan and beyond.

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