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is a dance artist, teacher and choreographer who began her early dance training in her hometown of Windsor, ON.   With a BFA from York University in Toronto ON she returned to Windsor and began training and performing with Denise Szykula of Dance Nonce in Michigan, Gina Lori Riley of Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises and Anh Nguyen of HNM Dance.  She has had the pleasure of enjoying a longstanding career in contemporary dance, having performed locally and abroad in many festivals, productions and signature events.

As a choreographer and teacher, Ms. Paquette has been significantly engaged at the University of Windsor. She choreographed for the University Players from 2001-2011, has been teaching Dance for the Theatre in the Drama Department since 2002 and Dance Methodology in the Faculty of Education for the past 5 years.

photo by Mary Jo Mullins

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